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Exclusive English training for group and individual clients.

Personally-tailored English lessons to suit a wide range of client needs with a native English-speaker from the UK.

James Simmonds offers personally-tailored English lessons and teaching material chosen to suit the client's own needs. This can often mean a topic-based tuition with an introduction to the appropriate language, grammar and idioms as required. This approach is ideal for those requiring intermittent English training as well as those who require more regular tuition.

James Simmonds is 31 and comes from Worcester in the West Midlands area of England. He moved to London in 1992 to study and has a degree in English and History of Art from Middlesex University. He has been teaching English in Hannover since the beginning of 2003. Within this time, he has garnered a wide range of practical experience and knowledge in teaching both groups and private clients.


„Lernen mit Jamie entspricht moderner Didaktik.“

„Jamie ist ein Englisch-Lehrer wie ich ihn jedem wünsche.“ Helke

„Einen besseren Englisch Lehrer gibt es nicht.“

„Persönlich ist zu Jamie zu sagen, das er ein sehr netter Englisch Lehrer ist, der seinen Beruf liebt und auch sein umfangreiches Wissen verständnisvoll vermittelt.“ Chris


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